Breastfeeding Support Resources

All of the organisations listed below are reliable and approved by the medical profession.

La Leche League

An international and longstanding organisation.

They have telephone helplines which are country specific so check out their websites.

These guys really are the ultimate authorities and cover all aspects of breastfeeding including support for feeding older children which can be difficult to find elsewhere.


UK based charity.

UK government funded helpline: 0300 100 0212

Included information for dads and videos.

In my experience they’re best for starting breastfeeding.


This is the least useful site for technique but is useful for clearly listing the health benefits and does have a good myth busting section.


For in person support try asking the following:

  • Health visitors
  • Surestart centres (if the Tories haven’t closed your one) will be able to direct you to advisors.
  • NCT Lactation consultants. Contact your local NCT group to be directed to one living near you.
  • Some G.P.s may be able to direct you to NHS lactation consultants who are either midwives or health visitors.

Good luck, it’s worth getting it right and working 🙂


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