10 Ways to save money with your car

  1. Keep the tyres fully inflated.  Underinflated tyres require more energy to push round, that means more petrol use!
  2. Wash the car yourself!  The bubbles are fun.
  3. Keep an eye on oil levels.  If the oil runs out (and this is more likely with cars over 10 years old) your engine won’t work and you’ll need to be towed to the garage; expensive.
  4. Car pool with friends.
  5. Walk wherever possible (sorry I had to say it!)
  6. Keep your coat on.  Don’t use the air conditioning on full blast because you’re wearing shorts in January.  Air conditioning uses a huge amount of petrol.
  7. Shop around for insurance products and haggle, there’s no shame in doing so.
  8. Learn how to do little maintenance jobs yourself.  The first time I needed new wiper blades I watched the chap at Halfords do it, now I can do it myself 🙂
  9. Obey the law. That means no speeding, smoking with an under 18 year old on board (£50 fine), or parking in naughty places.
  10. Turn the engine off when you’re waiting outside school, work, etc.to save petrol.

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