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This is mainly stuff for me though but I hope you find some of the family crafting ideas useful.


Breastfeeding Support Resources

All of the organisations listed below are reliable and approved by the medical profession.

La Leche League

An international and longstanding organisation.

They have telephone helplines which are country specific so check out their websites.

These guys really are the ultimate authorities and cover all aspects of breastfeeding including support for feeding older children which can be difficult to find elsewhere.


UK based charity.

UK government funded helpline: 0300 100 0212

Included information for dads and videos.

In my experience they’re best for starting breastfeeding.


This is the least useful site for technique but is useful for clearly listing the health benefits and does have a good myth busting section.


For in person support try asking the following:

  • Health visitors
  • Surestart centres (if the Tories haven’t closed your one) will be able to direct you to advisors.
  • NCT Lactation consultants. Contact your local NCT group to be directed to one living near you.
  • Some G.P.s may be able to direct you to NHS lactation consultants who are either midwives or health visitors.

Good luck, it’s worth getting it right and working 🙂

Tips for buying a sewing machine

  1. Don’t buy on impulse – you’ll buy the wrong one.
  2. Before you buy make a list of what it is essential for it to do and what’s desirable. You will need at least a straight stich and a zig-zag stitch both of which should be of variable length.
  3. Think about the projects you’re planning to do. If you’re planning upholstery with thick fabrics you’ll need a machine which can cope rather than a lighter dress making machine. If you’re planning on quilting make sure you’ve got a quilting foot and a machine which can cope with thick wadding.
  4. If you’re buying new research machines as much as possible and read lots of customer reviews. Some machines look great but are really toys and many new machines are prone to breaking.
  5. If buying second hand test the machine before you buy and ask for a demonstration of all the functions and attachments.
  6. Go simple. Do you really need a machine which can sew a seam that looks like a row of tulips? Many new sewing machines can also be attached to your pc to run embroidery programmes, but if you’re a beginner, do you need that? The more the machine does the more there is to go wrong.
  7. Do consider second hand. There are a lot of older machines which are robust, reliable and can be easily mended when they do break. This isn’t always true of newer machines.
  8. Lift it. Sewing machines can be very heavy so make sure you can easily lift and carry the machine.
  9. How often will you use it? Consider how you’ll store it and what space you’ve got at home.
  10. Can you understand it? My Mum’s machine has so many functions and you have to remember to do lots of different things to set it up that I get quite befuddled. I much prefer my simple sew-and-go machine.

I have an incredibly ugly 1970’s Elna but good grief is it good at sewing.  Check out the website here:

Salt Dough Recipies

1 1/2 lbs plain flour
1/2 lb      salt
1    Tablespoon oil
Water as required
Few drops of food colour

This is a tough dough easily cut with pastry cutters. The oil makes it pliable.  Kneed well for best results.


2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
2 cups water
2 tablespoons oil
2 teaspoons cream of tarter
Few drops of food colour.

Cook mixture in pan over medium heat stirring all the time to prevent sticking.  Remove from heat when mixture comes away from sides of pan.  Kneed and store in airtight container.  Keeps well.

Alpro Chocolate Soya Dessert

Well, my son really loves these. I think they’re okay. They have a thick consistency which is nice and they do taste chocolatey. They’re not at all dairy like though so forget thinking they’re like yoghurt, mouse or ice cream. Overall a whole pot might be a bit rich for one person’s pudding but as a treat they’re nice.

Alpro Chocolate Dessert - Copy

10 Ways to save money with your car

  1. Keep the tyres fully inflated.  Underinflated tyres require more energy to push round, that means more petrol use!
  2. Wash the car yourself!  The bubbles are fun.
  3. Keep an eye on oil levels.  If the oil runs out (and this is more likely with cars over 10 years old) your engine won’t work and you’ll need to be towed to the garage; expensive.
  4. Car pool with friends.
  5. Walk wherever possible (sorry I had to say it!)
  6. Keep your coat on.  Don’t use the air conditioning on full blast because you’re wearing shorts in January.  Air conditioning uses a huge amount of petrol.
  7. Shop around for insurance products and haggle, there’s no shame in doing so.
  8. Learn how to do little maintenance jobs yourself.  The first time I needed new wiper blades I watched the chap at Halfords do it, now I can do it myself 🙂
  9. Obey the law. That means no speeding, smoking with an under 18 year old on board (£50 fine), or parking in naughty places.
  10. Turn the engine off when you’re waiting outside school, work, save petrol.

Health & Safety Officer!

Today my delightful son informed me that could tell me what to do because he’s the boss.  I informed him that I was in charge of keeping people safe at home and health and safety trumps everything.  I now have a four year old who’s desperate to become a health and safety officer so he can tell everyone what to do!  He’s even informing his preschool teachers he’s in charge of health and safety so they have to do what he says.

Getting started… and passing on what I’ve learnt

This is my first post of my first blog so here’s what this blog is about.  I have experienced four years of the most amazing, intensive and perplexing learning journey and it all started four years ago when my first child was born. Over those four years I have learnt a lot, usually the hard way, about children, home life, myself and running a family. I wish I knew then what I know now! So this is where I record what I’ve learnt, what I’m learning and some of the hilarious quotes from my wonderful children. Enjoy.